About the Program

Georgetown Forum Radio produces innovative and engaging half-hour-long audio programs for global listeners.

Students in the Communication, Culture and Technology Program pitch, host, and edit shows along with Professors Evan Barba and J.R. Osborn. We experiment with formats and topics, united around the goal of sharing Georgetown’s voices and perspectives with listeners. Through workshops and peer instruction, Georgetown Forum Radio also provides a space for students to share and learn skills related to the production of radio programming.

Georgetown Forum has existed since the 1940s, and was briefly a television show in the 1950s. The program is currently distributed to the Public Radio Satellite System.

Who We Are

Georgetown Forum Radio members are an eclectic, curious bunch. We come from all over the world and bring with us an array of experiences and perspectives that make our programs rich and thoughtful. Read through our bios to learn more about us and what we’re working on.